WebCore is a community of web developers and hackers interested in fundamental technologies of the modern Web. We organize hardcore tech meetups in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There are many awesome communities built around specific frameworks and programming languages. Surprisingly though, only a few cover the underlying Web Platform itself: browser APIs, web protocols, security mechanisms, and web infrastructure. We think these are important and we want to fill this gap.

Our goal is to bring together web developers, researchers, hackers, and everyone else curious to look beyond frameworks and libraries.

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Past Events

25-11-2021 Conditionally adaptive, Unorthodox ways do debug JS, Web Platform Quiz #3 Vadim Makeev, Dzmitry Tolpekin 🎞️ Videos

26-05-2020 How to improve the Web, Weird Cookies, Web Platform Quiz #2 Simon Pieters, Maxim Tsoy 🎞️ Videos

24-09-2019 Project Fugu, Web API best practices, ViewSource ticket giveaway Raphael Cubo da Costa, Fokke Zandbergen 🎞️ Videos

27-05-2019 Feature Policy, PageSpeed, and Web API best practices Andrew Betts, Otto van der Schaaf 🎞️ Videos


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